Senatorial Proclamation Awarded to Rocco Lombardo



A Proclamation has been written by New York Senator Kevin S. Parker to acknowledge the outstanding and explemplary service and responsibility by way of mentoring, fostering and
challenging others to Mr. Rocco Lomabrdo.

The Proclamation dated June 11,2015, reads:

Whereas, Rocco Lombardo started the Tae Kwon Do Club at Beacon P.S. 269, a not for profit association, in January of 1994., since then more than 10,000 students have passed through the Beacon Program with many reaching the rank of Black Belt.
Rocco motivates his students to push forwards no matter what the difficulties that lie ahead. Rocco inspired his students to pursue higher education, military service, and to teach martial arts at
various programs throughout New York City. He instilled the core values to everything they did in order to succeed. Rocco has changed the lives of countless young men and women who would have otherwise been
influenced by all types of negative behavior.
Mr. Lombardo has dedicated countless hours to providing services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life.
He continues to dedicate his ambitious nature to creating programs for individuals in Northeastern PA.,
while working diligently with families to improve their opportunities and skills to achieve their dreams. He works with young people to
uncover their potential through mentorship and the facilitation of job opportunities.
His work as a martial Arts instructor for 35 years at multiple locations has led him to open a Tae Kwon Do training facility in Brodheadsville, PA.,
offering the same high standards, individual attention and motivation that he feels each student deserves.
Rocco exemplifies the true meaning of service to others.
Mr. Lombardo’s friends, peers and his thousands of students are grateful to have been part of the journey. They congratulate him on his outstanding success, dedication, committment and friendship
throughout the years.
More information about Mr. Lombardo’s  World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania can be found at or by phoning (570) 269-0096


Happy Veterans Day to all men and women who have served our country, those who have passed and those retired along with our active military. You are in our hearts and prayers everyday.

The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania is thrilled to announce that it has been nominated in the Pocono Record Readers Choice Awards for 2014-2015. Each year the Pocono Record launches the largest of its kind, ” Best in the Pocono Region as Voted by the Community” Awards. Voting starts today and continues for 15 days. Good luck to the hundreds of businesses and organizations that have been nominated over the past month.

Happy New Year 2015

We at the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania wish all our students and their families a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.



So PROUD of our youngest students!

So PROUD of our youngest students!

The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania is so proud of students in the beginners children’s class. Each of the students have worked hard to learn forms and free-style. They each show a deep dedication to the art of Chung Do Kwon, Tae Kwan Do. Under the dedication and direction of Mr. Rocco Lombardo, 6th Dan with 35 years of instructional experience, the students have grown in Focus, Spirit and Power while learning respect and kindness toward one another.  The class emphasis is a Non-Contact approach while developing the individual student and encouraging them to explore their own limits. We congratulate our students who recently earned their next rank and look forward to their continued success.

For more information on our Academy, please call 570.234.4424 or visit our website at:
Classes are held on the lower level of the library several times a week

Summer Camp 2014

Chris DePrado, Rocco Lombardo, Michael T. Dealy

Chris DePrado, Rocco Lombardo, Michael T. Dealy


Approximately 210 years of Martial Arts experience- Gilboa, NY

Robert, Lyle, Rocco, Dean, John, Kenny, Howard

Tae Kwon Do for Home Schoolers

The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania is pleased to open classes specifically designed with the home school student in mind.

All physical Educations requirements are met for home schooled students in the state of Pennsylvania.

We offer classes for all age groups including parents who wish to join their child in activities involving fitness, aerobics, stretching, and safe forms of sparring all while learning the ancient form of South Korean Martial Arts known as Chung Do Kwan, Tae Kwon Do.

To kick the school year off on to a great start, we are offering the full month of September free to students and their families who wish to come and spend a very fun filled time with us.

For more information, please call our Instructor, Mr. Rocco Lombardo at (570) 269-0096.

All classes are held in Brodheadsville, PA.

Annual Summer Camp and Exhibition

The World Martial Arts Association headquartered in Brooklyn, NY had their annual exhibition and test in the Catskills of NY on August 16, 2014.  Each year hundreds of practicing martial artists travel into the beautiful mountains of the Catskills and enjoy 7 days of practice, running, free- style, music and fun all  culminating in  an enormous gathering of clubs from throughout the country and from as far away as Afghanistan and Australia.

This year, own our local  Tae Kwon Do club, the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania, once again made the trip up and were represented by several students, along with their instructor, Mr. Rocco Lombardo.

Following Saturdays practice hundreds of students and their instructors enjoyed a BBQ, music and dancing.

Mr. Rocco Lombardo is a 6th Dan with 34 years of instructional experience. He owns and operates the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania, located at 131 Pilgrim Way Brodheadsville, PA 18322 on the lower level of the Western Pocono Community Library.  Chung Do Kwan is a non- contact form of Tae Kwon Do originating in South Korea. Here the emphasis is on safety, focus, power and spirit.  Many families train together and enjoy a shared learning and bonding experience.

Classes are held several times a week. For more information regarding classes or arranging an introduction class, please feel free to contact (570) 269-0096.

For the month of September the World Martial Arts of Pennsylvania is offering a free month of classes, please ask about that when calling.



Happy 4th of July

july 4 2014In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Kneeling: Sally Deutsch, Amanda and Donna Cully. Standing: Benjamin Deutsch and Rocco Lombardo

Kneeling: Sally Deutsch, Amanda and Donna Cully. Standing: Benjamin Deutsch and Rocco Lombardo

Rocco Lombardo 6th Dan, Donna Cully 1st Dan, Benjamin Deutsch 1st Dan, Sally Deutsch 1st Dan and Dr. Michael T. Dealy 9th Dan

Rocco Lombardo 6th Dan, Donna Cully 1st Dan, Benjamin Deutsch 1st Dan, Sally Deutsch 1st Dan and Dr. Michael T. Dealy 9th Dan

On May 3, 2014, the students of the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania traveled to Brooklyn, NY to Participate in the annual Spring Tournament and Test for rank advancement. They joined dozen of other practicing martial artists from many states. The tournament consisted of forms and free-style sparring and three- step. 7 year old Amanda won her age and belt division in forms and three-step while Donna Cully won her division in forms and free-style. Immediately following the tournament all the students from our local Brodheadsville academy tested for their next rank/belt.
Amanda tested for her rank advancement and did an outstanding job, earning her yellow belt. Congratulations Amanda, we are very proud of you.
Siblings, Benjamin and Sally Deutsch of Jonas and Donna Cully of Saylorsburg each took the test to earn their black belt. Each completed testing in Forms, Free-Style, Three-step and board breaking, they all earned their 1st degree black belt.
All Students practice under the guidance and instruction of, Mr. Rocco Lombardo 6th Dan. Mr. Lombardo has been practicing and teaching for more than 35 years under the auspices of the Headmaster of the World Martial Arts Association , Dr. Michael T. Dealy 9th Dan.
Hundreds of members of the WMAA from around the country study and practice the art of Chung Do Kwan, Tae Kwon Do. Many of the students from WMAA have gone on to teach around the world with dozens of studios within the NY, NJ, PA, VA, GA, IN, TX, FL, CT, VA areas.
If you would like more information regarding any of our studios, including our local studio in Brodheadsville, PA., please call 570 269-0096
Feel free to search our web-site.
We congratulate all our students on their path and honor and respect our instructor Mr. Rocco Lombardo