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Summer Camp 2014

Chris DePrado, Rocco Lombardo, Michael T. Dealy

Chris DePrado, Rocco Lombardo, Michael T. Dealy



Approximately 210 years of Martial Arts experience- Gilboa, NY

Robert, Lyle, Rocco, Dean, John, Kenny, Howard

Tae Kwon Do for Home Schoolers

The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania is pleased to open classes specifically designed with the home school student in mind.

All physical Educations requirements are met for home schooled students in the state of Pennsylvania.

We offer classes for all age groups including parents who wish to join their child in activities involving fitness, aerobics, stretching, and safe forms of sparring all while learning the ancient form of South Korean Martial Arts known as Chung Do Kwan, Tae Kwon Do.

To kick the school year off on to a great start, we are offering the full month of September free to students and their families who wish to come and spend a very fun filled time with us.

For more information, please call our Instructor, Mr. Rocco Lombardo at (570) 269-0096.

All classes are held in Brodheadsville, PA.

Annual Summer Camp and Exhibition

The World Martial Arts Association headquartered in Brooklyn, NY had their annual exhibition and test in the Catskills of NY on August 16, 2014.  Each year hundreds of practicing martial artists travel into the beautiful mountains of the Catskills and enjoy 7 days of practice, running, free- style, music and fun all  culminating in  an enormous gathering of clubs from throughout the country and from as far away as Afghanistan and Australia.

This year, own our local  Tae Kwon Do club, the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania, once again made the trip up and were represented by several students, along with their instructor, Mr. Rocco Lombardo.

Following Saturdays practice hundreds of students and their instructors enjoyed a BBQ, music and dancing.

Mr. Rocco Lombardo is a 6th Dan with 34 years of instructional experience. He owns and operates the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania, located at 131 Pilgrim Way Brodheadsville, PA 18322 on the lower level of the Western Pocono Community Library.  Chung Do Kwan is a non- contact form of Tae Kwon Do originating in South Korea. Here the emphasis is on safety, focus, power and spirit.  Many families train together and enjoy a shared learning and bonding experience.

Classes are held several times a week. For more information regarding classes or arranging an introduction class, please feel free to contact (570) 269-0096.

For the month of September the World Martial Arts of Pennsylvania is offering a free month of classes, please ask about that when calling.