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World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania Celebrates Another Year!

Mr. Rocco Lombardo- 6th Degree Black Belt and Headmaster, Dr. Micheal T. Dealy-9th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Rocco Lombardo- 6th Degree Black Belt and Headmaster, Dr. Micheal T. Dealy-9th Degree Black Belt

We congratulate the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania as it enters it’s 4th year of operation.

Under the direction of 6th degree black belt Rocco Lombardo, the Academy has seen rapid growth of new students and a continuation of practitioners who continue to study the Ancient Korean Martial Art of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do.

Over the past several years the Academy has participated in many tournaments in the New York , Metropolitan Area. The instructor and students have spear-headed several community service projects which have included many blood drives, super storm Sandy Relief efforts, Toys for Tots, demonstrations within the community, food drives to benefit the local food bank and the Santa for Seniors Project.

Together they have enjoyed martial Arts practices in the Catskill Mountains, and visiting local assisted living facilities to bring martial arts to the residents.

Mr. Rocco Lombardo has instructed for more than 32 years. He has opened many Tae Kwon Do studios all of which are still in operation today, many being run by his own students who have reached the rank of 1st degree black belt and beyond.

Mr. Lombardo continues to express his unwavering dedication to his art as well as to each and every one of his students. He continues to set an example of kindness, compassion, and understanding to the hundreds of students who have studied and practiced under his auspices.

Mr. Lombardo has studied under Dr. Michael T. Dealy, the Headmaster of the World Martial Arts Association located in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Dealy holds the honor of having been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and holds a 9th degree black belt, he is also the author of Martial Arts Therapy and the Dean of Bay Ridge Preparatory Academy.

If there is one true mission of all of Dr. Dealy’s and Mr. Lombardo’s students; it is understood in a quote from Dr. Dealy himself when he states:

” One of the true strengths of a martial arts student is that he have the courage to be a servant to those in need. ”

This ideal has been passed on from Instructor to student for decades. The martial arts student grows not only psychically but emotionally and spiritually while learning the art of Tae Kwon Do within the World Martial Art Association.

We congratulate Mr. Lombardo on his dedication in bringing an outstanding program of Tae Kwon Do to the Pocono Mountain Region and wish him continued success in the future.

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