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A unique prespective

P1110438Christopher Cully, 16, of Brodheadsville, PA. works closely with his Instructor, Rocco Lombardo to learn the finer points of board breaking.

“I have been practicing this type of martial arts for about a year and a half and I really like it a lot. We have so many great people in our classes, everyone is very respectful of one another, we do a lot of different things during class but I think my favorite thing is free-style which is like sparring very quickly using kicks and blocks. We do not hurt each other since we have a no-contact policy but that makes our moves even more precise and you must really focus your attention. My instructor teaches us in a very calm way and you don’t ever feel worried about getting injured because we know each other so well and we are all working together to gain confidence and skills. ”

Christopher has worked hard to earn his purple belt in the art of Chung Do Kwan, Tae Kwon Do. There’s nothing stopping him from one day earning his black belt. He has not done it alone, he is surrounded by his classmates who represent an incredibly strong support group constantly supporting him, cheering him on and acknowledging all his newly acquired skills. Through tournaments, trips into the mountains to practice, camps and community service projects each student is gently encouraged to recognize their own strengths and abilities with an emphasis on helping others and giving support to those in need.

Christopher states, ” I can see now that practicing the martial arts is not just a physical exercise, it changes the way you think about things, it helps to focus your attention on the world around you and on the needs of other people. It helps you become a kinder person, by realizing your strengths you also realize your ability to be kind and gentle, it really does change your way of thinking”

Christopher trains under the watchful eye of his Instructor, Mr. Rocco Lombardo a 6th degree black belt who has taught for more than 32 years.  Mr. Lombardo has opened many martial arts academies throughout the New York and Pennsylvania area over the past several decades.  Each of these schools remain open and operated by Mr. Lombardo’s previous students who have earned their black belts.

” I want to earn my black belt and I will not stop practicing , I have learned so much about the art and myself. ” states Christopher.

There is no doubt that he will accomplish his desire and he is in the right place to make his dream come true.

For more information about class schedules and registration please call

(570) 269-0096.