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Homeschooler Application Process Opens at WMAAP

The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania opens its annual HOMESCHOOLERS application process !

Each year the World Martial Arts Academy hosts special introductory courses for homeschooled students in Pennsylvania for the purpose of exposing these students to the 2000 year old art of Tae Kwon Do in an environment that is both supportive and positive. Many students have taken advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable skills while increasing their focus and attaining physical fitness.

The majority of our home school students have continued well beyond the introductory phase of the program and remain active and practicing members of the World Martial Arts Association headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

Dr. Michael T. Dealy – 9th Degree Black Belt and Head Master of WMAA began teaching decades ago, he was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and has led thousands of students on their own unique path toward attaining their black belts, he is also responsible for opening dozens of schools throughout the United States and overseas, he is an author and Dean of Bay Ridge Prepatory Academy.

One of Dr. Dealy’s top students, Mr. Rocco Lombardo-6th degree Black Belt began practicing and instructing more than 32 years ago. Mr. Lombardo has gone on to open many academies throughout the New York and Pennsylvania areas including our local chapter in Brodheadsville, PA. He too, has led hundreds of students on the path to their black belts. He has a degree in Sociology and a Masters in Counseling.  Mr. Lombardo opened the doors of his newest martial arts academy several years ago. He has been featured in dozens of articles and columns throughout the Northeast Region for his dedicated style of instruction in the art. Mr. Lombardo has instructed men, women, children and families that have gone on to open their own martial arts schools across the country as well as overseas. His unique combination of experience in both  therapeutic methods and martial arts instructions makes him an outstanding teacher.  Mr. Lombardo offers all his students the freedom to learn at their own pace in an environment that is both safe and non threatening. Respect for all individuals is stressed along with positive reinforcement and guidance for each students unique needs.

Parents of homeschooled students who are interested in learning more about what this program offers are encouraged to call (570) 269-0096, read through our web-site to see all the opportunities that the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania offers, some of which include, tournaments, trips, special events, and community service. The homeschooling program is opened to young people 8 years of age and up. An introductory class is required and upon completion of the application process the first month of instruction will be fee free.

These classes fulfill the physical education requirements as mandated by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Classes meet on the lower level of the Western Pocono Community Library in Brodheadsville, PA.


Children’s Tournament

2013-Childrens-TournamentTo register, please go to and proceed through the registration process.

Childrens Tournament

The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania has once again begun training for the upcoming children’s tournament held in Brooklyn, NY during the month of March.
Children practicing with the World Martial Arts Academy and their parent organization, The World Martial Arts Association, are all eligible to register and compete during the event which is set to include forms and free-style. Children up to age 16, who have reached any rank are welcome to participate in the tournament.
Pre- registration is required and we will be posting that information in the next few weeks.
If you are interested in visiting our school, please call 570 269-0096, you will be welcomed to join us for a free introductory class. During the month of January, upon registration, you will receive your first month of classes at no charge.
Classes meet at the Western Pocono Community Library located on Pilgrim Way in Brodheadsville, PA

Schedule information

The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania now has their current schedule listed on the web site of our local Pocono Record newspaper, which can be found at: Go the Pocono Record website and click on “interact” a drop down menu will appear, click on, “calendar” once there you can view all events in our area. A special offer of your first registered month of classes will be free of charge to those who phone 570 269-0096 and schedule a free introductory class with the head master.
You can schedule reminders for our classes directly from the Pocono Record website.

All of us are students, all of the time.

I am a student of the martial arts. I am a student of my instructor. He is a student of his instructor. That will NEVER change. I began my affinity for martial arts at age 5, that was many, many years ago. Life happened and profound change occurred but never did I lose my desire for the one thing that made me happy, martial arts.
I have been with my instructor for quite a while and although I am no longer a white belt, I am far from a black belt as well and that is perfectly fine with me. I have recently discovered that sense of peace in the art, not in the attainment in reaching the next rank. When you begin a martial arts program you have so many questions and an urgency to move forward. I recall asking my instructor hundreds of questions and he patiently answered them. I learned and grew and had more questions and again he took the time to answer them. Other students came and left the class and as I progressed my instructor remained confident in my ability even when I was not. I didn’t quite understand his unwavering confidence in me, I thought that perhaps he knew something I didn’t, after all he is the instructor.
Today during practice, I had the privilege of witnessing something I felt was profound. We had several new students in our class who are working hard to learn their first forms. I had just gotten done working on my forms trying to perfect that exact angle and the kick that I really want to “get” and I stepped back to watch and listen.
As if a replay of my first few days as a white belt, I heard the student begin to ask questions, just one at first, with a kind explanation from the instructor, she felt confident enough to ask another question, and again he answered her respectfully and graciously. I recognized her desire for the knowledge and I smile, but I also heard the same quiet, patient responses from my instructor to this new student. He gave her the same respect he had given me and I wondered how many hundreds of times he was asked these same questions. Was he tired of answering them? Not in the least, he was focused and attentive and I smiled, mostly out of complete respect for his graciousness and dedication to his art, but also because there are hundreds of questions that I still have left to ask and I am certain he will continue to instruct in his own courteous way.
I returned to my forms and asked yet another question and he thought quietly for a moment and responded that he would ask his instructor for the exact answer and he would get back to me. The student always returns to his instructor.
With martial arts having a 2000 year old history it is amazing to consider the lineage of individuals who have kept the art as pure as it is today.
My instructor has taught for more than 32 years and hundreds of people have attained their black belt rank under his kind teaching methods. The process is a journey that each of us undertakes under the guidance of remarkable instructors: quiet, patient, men and women who only wish to pass on their gift of knowledge so that the rest of us can find our way on the path.
My instructor gave me a book entitled, Martial Arts Therapy by Dr. Michael T. Dealy, PhD. I have read it at each belt level I have attained, each time gaining a better understanding of the art.

I completed the book for the fourth time today and a quote stands out for me especially after todays practice;

“The true master does not lead because he knows he could never follow the way but he might be able to guide another.”
“Find that person who takes you to heaven”

I have.
Have you?

A thought…..

As many of you know, the Daily prompt here at WordPress gives us many ideas in which to begin a blog post,  so in response to their latest challenge regarding resolutions may I present this thought.

Most  of us face challenges each and every day. Just trying to survive the day can be a struggle for many individuals. Unfortunately, real struggles involving our health or that of a loved one leaves us feeling helpless and vulnerable and while we would do anything in our power to alleviate the discomfort sometimes we are left to turn our trust over to someone else who is better equipped to find the solution. Still, we are left with choices, as individuals, we have the power to be swept up in the chaos or step back and trust. We can do that for ourselves but more importantly we can do that for others as well.

After a particularly difficult day today, I was left wondering how to turn a negative situation into a positive one. I recalled two very prominent quotes that I have written here on our front page.

The first by a very famous author:

“Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character.”                                           –William Arthur Ward

The second by the Headmaster of the World Martial Arts Association:

“One of the true strengths of a martial artist is that he has the courage to be a servant to those in need.”                    –Dr. Michael T. Dealy, 9th Degree Dan

After many hours of wrestling with my own thoughts regarding all that is happening in my own life as well as those around me and in the world, I began to think that there must be a better way to handle the stress that everyday life brings to all of us. These two gentleman seem to have summed it up for me. It is not about the power that you may wield or the possessions that you may own or even the position in life that you currently have, it is the kindness that you show other individuals. A simple smile to a person you do not know, a kind word to someone you may have only met once or twice.

Being a servant to those in need can extend out in all directions from you to those half way around the world by making a donation to a charity or sponsoring a child in another country, giving your time to help in a library, or listening to someone when they just need to be heard.

Put off judging other people because none of us knows what others are going through. Be kind to others, be caring, be compassionate, try it just once a day and notice how positively it effects you by days end. Pay a toll for the guy behind you, buy a sandwich for the service man standing in line next to you, listen, really listen to your children, hear what they say. Be comforting to your spouse, be forgiving when others unintentionally frustrate you. There are thousands of ways to pay it forward in kind and caring ways, let that be your New Years Resolution.

Goodness, Humility, Service, Character, Courage that’s what should make up our society and with practice that is what will  make the difference to those in need.