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QR Code and URL shortening comes to World Martial Arts Academy

QR Code is short for Quick Response Code, first invented in Japan in 1994 for the Toyota Industry to track parts during automobile manufacturing. The QR code has fast moved into the consumer marketplace as a way of providing the consumer with fast and accurate information and as a means to advertise and product research.
As consumers, we are used to seeing 1 demensional bar codes on food packaging but with the QR Code it is detected as a 2 demensional digital image by a semi conductor image sensor and essentially converted into binary code which has the capacity to hold massive amounts of information for consumers. The use of QR Codes is free of any license so anyone may use them, generate and encrypt their own unique code. Anyone with a smart phone can scan a QR into the phone through their camera and once scanned the unique code will instantly give the you all the information regarding a product or service.
WMAAP has their own QR Code, once scanned by any smart phone, you will be directed to World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania’s Web-site for all the latest updates regarding practice, schedules, tournaments and photos.
We may even use it for special promotions, and offers, but it’s primary use will be to continue our advocacy for the community service projects that take place within our community such as blood drives, food collections, toys for tots and demonstrations.
If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop us a note.


World Martial Arts Academy of PA will hosts it’s 3rd Blood Drive

The World Martial Arts Academy of PA. along with the Western Pocono Community Library will host its 3rd blood drive to benefit the Miller Keystone Blood Centers of Pennsylvania, on November 19, 2012 from 12 noon till 6:00 PM.

Miller Keystone Blood Center is the only blood supplier to 25 hospitals in our local area. The need for blood donations is great at this time of year. Approximately 450 units of blood are needed everyday in the 12 counties served by Miller Keystone Blood Center.

Please call 570 234-4424 to schedule the most convenient time for your donation .

World Martial Arts Association Fall Tournament – Chung Do Kwan – Tae Kwon Do

The World Martial Arts Association will hold its annual Fall Tournament on  17-18, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY.
All practitioners registered with the World Martial Arts Association are eligible to compete. Doors open at 11:30 competition begins at 12:00 Noon.
The fall black belt test will also be taking place.
Students from throughout the country will assemble to compete in forms and free-style events.
To register now for what has always proven to a great weekend of camaraderie and competition  go to