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Tae Kwon Do in the Mountains

On Saturday, August 25, 2012 hundreds of practicing martial artists from across the country traveled to Gilboa, a small town in the Catskills of New York State to enjoy their passion together, the art of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do.

As young as 5 to 105 learn and practice alongside one another for several days, culminating in one enormous practice and testing for rank advancement at the end of the week.

Led by Dr. Michael T. Dealy the headmaster of the World Martial Arts Association and 9th degree black belt, his students exude his passion, eagerness and respect for the art as well as for each other. The energy in the gymnasium is palpable and the comradery is clearly evident among participants.

Our local chapter of the World Martial Arts Association was in attendance for this exciting event, Mr. Rocco Lombardo, 6th degree black belt and 5 of his students enjoyed the event together, each student also testing for their next rank. Sally Deutsch and Benjamin Deutsch received their brown belt. Christopher Cully, Matthew Cully and Donna Cully received their purple belt. All students train at the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania in the art of Chung Do Kwan, located at the Western Pocono Community Library several times a week, under the auspices of Mr. Lombardo.

If you would like more information about this school and classes please phone 570 269-0096 or you may visit the website at or e-mail . Fall classes are forming now. Those interested may contact WMAAP and receive introductory classes for the month of September at no charge.


Have you ever thought of joining a martial arts class? Now is the time to try it out!

The World Martial Arts Association has schools throughout the country with thousands of practicing students. Brodheadsville has its own local chapter called The World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania, operating for the past several years at the Western Pocono Community Library. The instructor, Mr. Rocco Lombardo, is a 6th degree black belt who has studied the art of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do for more than 32 years. Mr. Lombardo conducts his classes with an emphasis on safety and confidence and skill building. His passion for his art is evident in his student’s enthusiasm and eagerness to practice. Call for an introductory session so you can have all your questions answered. During the month of August or September you can participate for free for an entire month. Drop in whenever you’d like during August to check things out, or call 570 269-0096 for more details or visit the website at