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Christopher breaking boards on his birthday !



You have to love the determination of Charlie——NEVER NEVER STOP!

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Special Black Belt practice at Bay Ridge Prep in Brooklyn, NY.

This is a great video filmed at Bay Ridge Prep in May 2010 in Brooklyn, NY showing all forms.

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Mike Dealy Teaching Yellow Belt forms

Black Belt Forms from WMAA with Mike Dealy

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Children’s Tournament Registration is open ! Go to to register today or click the link below Click on this link to register

A New Year is Upon us…………….

The New Year is upon us and with it comes our hopes for prosperity, happiness and health for ourselves and our families. Many of us will start a new exercise routine, eat healthier and try our best to relax and enjoy our spare time. Our families are our priority and most of us wish to spend good quality time together. My wish for my family is a continuation of our time spent together practicing the art of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. Many families practice together at the World Martial Arts Academy of Pennsylvania led by 6th degree black belt Rocco Lombardo. As any practicing student will tell you, Karate is a true sport but also an art and a way of being, otherwise known as, “ The Way ” or “ The Path ” to understand this better takes full emersion, concentration and focus not on yourself, rather on another. While it’s true that Tae Kwon Do can and does bring to the practitioner, strength, stamina, speed, and muscle coordination it also emphasizes power, flexibility, agility, aerobic exercise and stress management, there are other aspects and benefits that take some time to begin to understand but with determination and focus the true meaning of the martial arts begins to make sense and you find yourself standing on “the Path” of a true Martial Artist. There are many types of karate and finding the one that works best for you may take some time. Finding an instructor that you connect with and trust is another concern, but once found that instructor and your dedication to your art is a truly life changing opportunity and experience. Students begins to learn the basics which include stances, kicks, punches, blocks, strikes and forms, which leads to free-styling and sparring basics. The effects are not all physical, they also include emotional ones, the understanding that you are capable regardless of age to participate with other individuals of various skills and with perseverance you will progress toward your own personal goals. It does not stop there, for along with the physical and emotional awakening comes a clear understanding of being open and giving toward another without fear. As a result your understanding of your own virtue, dignity, kindness, integrity and morality grows. A true instructor will quietly lead you down the path without ever saying a word, through his or her gentle example and outward kindness you will find your feet solidly on “the Path”, only those who have gone before you will understand the change in you. You may notice that your mind and spirit have learn to quiet themselves and focus, to listen and not speak, to learn the “way”. For me it happened very recently on one of many trips that our Academy takes into Brooklyn, NY to practice with the headmaster of WMA, Dr. Michael T. Dealy 9th degree Dan. I stood respectfully watching 65 black belts practicing their forms and observing my own instructor practicing alongside his teacher of 30 years. The power, intensity and strength was incredible, the spirit and focus in the gymnasium was extraordinary. All students focusing on the instructor in a manner of utmost respect with the unspoken understanding that this man led them to that very place of inner calm and determination not to compete against one another but to move in a fluid motion of oneness. Collectively they were astonishing to watch. Nearby, a young child of 5 stood hesitantly at the doorway to the gymnasium dressed in a new uniform and holding her white belt. Our instructor gently and quietly approached her and knelt down, utter silence between the two individuals. He tied her belt while she watched him. He smiled and shook her hand, she smiled back, she had just been introduced to “The Way” her feet stepping onto ” The Path” for the first time. She will continue to be nurtured and guided on a path of self- awareness and growth, surrounded by people who know where she is going and who feel privileged to assist her on her journey. Tae Kwon Do classes are held several times a week at the Western Pocono Community Library in Brodheadsville. For more information about individual and family classes, please phone (570) 269-0096, e-mail or visit our web-site at

Originally Published in the Pleasant Valley Sport Report on January 18,2012

Sally Deutsch on her birthday

Ty breaking boards on his birthday January 11, 2012

8 year old Ty Cully breaks his first board to celebrate his 8th birthday.